Leikskólinn Lćkjarbrekka | 04. júní 2013
Á morgun miðvikudag, verður hjóladagur hjá okkur á Lækjarbrekku.  Börnin koma með hjólin sín og hjálma að heiman og við leikum okkur á hjólum á planinu fyrir framan Braggann.  Lögreglan kíkir líka á okkur og spjallar við börnin og kíkir á hjól og hjálma. 

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"Our new sales forecast takes into account the anticipated demand for our exciting line-up of products that will be launched in upcoming months starting with the multiple award-winning 3008 SUV in early June," said SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin, CEO of Nasim.


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The discussion there centered on how a company’s purpose shapes its culture and how culture, in turn, drives performance. For these companies, purpose is a source of differentiation and competitive advantage. Purpose is all about the why.


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In case this can be a scenario, try out visuals classic tomes as well as various other picture-based novels including duplicate totes textbooks.


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It is especially customary, however, examine the tips in the midst of this blog. It was delightful being here and you are improving a than normal appearing with respect to, keep it up!


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Riding three wheels?

for what reason do individuals ride trikes? they have lost the mobility of two haggles every one of the burdens of four.


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That is funny moment when children wearing the helmets and ride the bikes. but helmets its very important for children because bike riding is not easy everyone should take the helmet and wear it on daily basis.


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This is interesting post children's is looking very cute to ride the bikes or cycles with wearing the helmets.


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The dialog there focused on how an organization's motivation shapes its way of life and how culture, thus, drives execution. For these organizations, a reason for existing is a wellspring of separation and the upper hand. An object is about the why.


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Introducing scholars to generation doings like Frisbee at an initial age can help scholars grow good action conducts that will transmit over into adulthood.


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We are instructed about God at a very early stage in our lives. Also, are informed that we can simply depend on Him. At first we are informed that He is our companion, and that on the off chance that we sin it just makes Him pitiful. As we get more established, we start to see God more in our every day lives. When we get more established, we are shown that God is dependably there for us, and that He will dependably control us down the correct way on the off chance that we let Him.

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