Handavinnusýning félagsstarfs aldrađra í Strandabyggđ

Andrea Kristín Jónsdóttir | 29. apríl 2013
Miðvikudaginn 1. maí milli kl. 16 og 18 verður handavinnusýning í aðstöðu félagsstarfs aldraðra í Félagsheimili Hólmavíkur. Sýndir verða munir sem unnir hafa verið í félagsstarfinu í vetur sem og heimafyrir af íbúum Strandabyggðar 60 ára og eldri. Komið og kíkið á áhugaverða og skemmtilega sýningu.

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í félagsstarfinu í vetur sem og heimafyrir af íbúum Strandabyggđar 60 ára og eldri. Komiđ og kíkiđ á áhugaverđa og skemmtilega sýningu.


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Forsvarsmenn fyrirtćkja í bćnum eru ennfremur hvattir til ađ hreinsa og fegra umhverfi sitt eins og mögulegt er.

Tökum á móti sumri međ hreinum og snyrtilegum bć.


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Even so, by their early 1900's there seemed to be 275 and today there are definitely more than 550 tennis courses in the course of Scotland. Figures advocate than 1 with 10 engage in golf and while you are out travelling, Scotland is littered having golf lessons at just about every turn and always view someone dragging or forcing their tennis trolley decrease the sidewalk.


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Did you recognize that many hard dollars lenders are needs to lend to help churches? Banking companies are foreclosing with American churches in swift numbers in addition to banks usually are reluctant to help refinance the loans. You will discover more in comparison with 300, 000 churches for the majority of.


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We will not be all lucky that has a large (bordering within the opulent) key bathroom. Most people are forced to face short rooms flooded having shelves in addition to claustrophobic emotion. We are not able to relax from the space because there is absolutely no space to help relax with. The rest room is far too small in addition to too clumsy, making you hate the item.


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Real home customers will be forever hunting for new plus better methods of save capital and lower expenses. So ,, paying housing commissions to get agents that might amount to thousands dollars will not be considered your cost-effective method for all these savings-minded people today (especially making the state of your economy these days).


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The talk of your town is definitely Panama Urban center, international housing investors can be buzzing by using excitement as being the potential with Panama far outshines the the hurdles of dwelling. Panama is definitely seeing a proper estate boom that is definitely drawing the eye of innovative and expert international asset investors.


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Strandabyggđ óskar öllum gleđilegrar ţjóđhátíđar og minnum á ađ Umf. Geislinn opnar fyrir sölu á blöđrum og býđur upp á andlitsmálun barna í félagsheimilinum kl. 12. Skrúđganga hefst síđan kl. 14 og skemmtun í kirkjuhvammi skömmu síđar.


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