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| 06. jślķ 2016
Nú eru Hamingjudagar 2016 komnir að enda og ekki hægt að segja annað en allt hafi tekist vel og að gleði og hamingja hafi ráðið ríkjum í Strandabyggð helgina 30. júní til 3. júlí. Takk allir fyrir þátttökuna og takk allir sem komu að því að skipuleggja og framkvæma. 
Mæli með því að skoða myndir frá helginni hér og svo er hægt að skoða myndir undir myllumerkinu #hamingjudagar.

Ps. Óskilamunir eftir helgina er hægt að nálgast að skrifstofu Strandabyggðar t.d. kökubakkar og kökuspaðar. 

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This is something useful both for the company and the employees as correctly due to the fact the business enterprise indicates the employee popularity due to their well worth.


Wesley R. Greenberg, žrišjudagur 13 febrśar kl: 12:09

Faucet configuration refers to the broader "kind" category that it belongs to. The configuration includes how it is established (wall set up or on the sink), whether it has one or two handles, and what number of holes it calls for to your sink.


sweet pen, fimmtudagur 15 febrśar kl: 10:39

Social media interplay and pay per click on advertising on search engines like google and yahoo. Though all of those modifications promotional pens and the promotional gifts market have demonstrated to be resilient.


Essential Needs, fimmtudagur 15 febrśar kl: 10:41

Precisely because of the ability of the products, there are price range selections right up to expensive alternatives.


pretty pen lover, fimmtudagur 15 febrśar kl: 10:42

Printed pens in shape smartly in most budgets, they're outstanding for mass giveaways and the plastic pen has sufficient options to suit any company colorations, options consist of heavy shade barrels.


blower, laugardagur 17 febrśar kl: 11:29

It may be treated very quickly, add the use of the steerage from the training manual, and it gives high effects, by way of cleaning your garden of any unsightly leaves, grass or other debris.


power blower, laugardagur 17 febrśar kl: 11:31

Then we've got the Stihl backpack leaf system, and it's miles widely recognized the truth that Stihl organization is the first-class at the digital tools market. Buying this sort of backpack leaf blower, it's going to make you sure about an excessive level of strength.


Jessica A. Tobias, sunnudagur 18 febrśar kl: 11:16

Don't rush into buying denim at the primary trace of a bump. Try and closing for as long as you could the use of a bump band which allows you to have your flies undone however cover your modesty.


Lloyd J. Gelman, laugardagur 24 febrśar kl: 11:30

When I’m pregnant, I locate myself simply trying a pinnacle layer over my tees and tanks.


bulk text, mišvikudagur 07 mars kl: 14:09

Forget those archaic and often misplaced paper punch cards. Offer SMS “punch card” loyalty rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back.

Digital punch cards remove any unnecessary hurdles and dramatically increase customer engagement.


Davismiller, mįnudagur 12 mars kl: 06:11

The working of an electric Iron Steam is exceptionally straightforward it takes current from the mains and warms up a loop inside it. Visit my site more detail about electric iron


fashion, laugardagur 17 mars kl: 12:20

Some wall-hung rings armoires additionally characteristic a cozy lock so that you can preserve your valuables secure and comfortable when you aren't at domestic.


elizabethclark74, laugardagur 31 mars kl: 12:27

at that point, you would need to use oil altogether for them not to stick, and after that, you would sear your treats. The nearest you would come to making treats is making flapjacks. Hotcakes are cooked
through conduction and are flipped when one side is cooked.


elizabethclark74, laugardagur 31 mars kl: 12:30

On the off chance that you endeavored to make treats in an electric skillet, they would not cook uniformly. The base would effortlessly consume, and if you are utilizing one without a non-stick surface,


elizabethclark74, laugardagur 31 mars kl: 12:31

Air can't move around the base of the sustenance in an electric skillet
, so convection isn't occurring.


elizabethclark74, laugardagur 31 mars kl: 12:38

The initial phase of the time spent picking the best electric skillet is recognize the value scope of various models in the market and choose which cost are you willing to pay. The motivation behind this progression is distinguishing given your present spending plan, which includes that you require the majority of an electric skillet


elizabethclark74, laugardagur 31 mars kl: 12:38

The initial phase of the time spent picking the best electric skillet is recognize the value scope of various models in the market and choose which cost are you willing to pay. The motivation behind this progression is distinguishing given your present spending plan, which includes that you require the majority of an electric skillet


elizabethclark74, laugardagur 31 mars kl: 12:39

You ought to pick a fitting model that isn't just cheap yet additionally have the correct highlights for your requests, or you will find that squandering
of cash for the superfluous item.


elizabethclark74, sunnudagur 01 aprķl kl: 10:26

The glass top is a perfect component when it enables you to see sustenance while cooking. Since the electric skillet
tends to warm nourishment in the high temperature, and you likely don't need your things will be scorched.


elizabethclark74, sunnudagur 01 aprķl kl: 10:27

The non-stick covering is another must-have highlight. Your sustenance will never adhere to the skillet which helps cleaning process is less demanding. It likewise helps your skillet is tougher and keep going for a long time.


elizabethclark74, sunnudagur 01 aprķl kl: 10:27

In the wake of thinking about all the above components, you could pick a suitable electric skillet without anyone else. If you don't mind recall that everything we said above is only a reference, if the item that you need to purchase is appropriate for your need and spending plan, you should simply go to any shops immediately and buy it.


elizabethclark74, sunnudagur 01 aprķl kl: 10:35

After thinking about a few elements for purchasing an electric skillet
, you ought to most likely know which highlights are must have a standard item. Movable Steam Vent guarantees that no fluid spill out while cooking. Warmth Resistant Handles influence your cooking to process less complex. You can get the skillet without stressing.


Handy power tools, žrišjudagur 03 aprķl kl: 11:57

Therefore, when picking a position, make certain that the place you want your bench grinder to stand on has an accurately leveled spot.


handy tools, mišvikudagur 04 aprķl kl: 10:47

As a tool, it needs to be treated efficaciously, and with a whole lot of care due to the fact, the pointy blades linked should lead to some physical harm.


safe tools, mišvikudagur 04 aprķl kl: 10:48

This garden tool is used for cutting, felling, and trimming. If wood wishes to be reduced, this is the proper gadget for the activity. Again, there may be a want to deal with this device with excellent care because of the presence of sharp blades.


garden tools, mišvikudagur 04 aprķl kl: 10:48

In some instances, a chainsaw isn't always that important for natural gardening and landscaping purposes due to the fact this is frequently used for business wood cutting.

There are, but, smaller sized chainsaws that can be used for small wooden cutting work. Depending on your wood reducing needs chainsaws can be electric or fuel-powered.


middle class, mišvikudagur 04 aprķl kl: 10:53

If you anticipate cooking soups and stews or need to profound broil sustenances in your electric skillet. Decideecide on a model with higher sides to contain your nourishment and keep away from oil splattering. If you intend to cook sustenances that may look out of the highest point of your skillet, for example, extensive bits of meat, search for a curved top shape.


field out, mišvikudagur 04 aprķl kl: 12:16

Are the sides and cover of the electric skillet sufficiently high for your requirements?


Kitchen for cook, fimmtudagur 05 aprķl kl: 11:51

The outside complete of the skillet is anything but difficult to keep appealing and looking new. Wipe away spills and dribbles as they happen. On the off chance that food should happen to consume on, it can be expelled with warm, sudsy water and a cleaning cushion.


Everyday, fimmtudagur 05 aprķl kl: 12:19

It is likewise temperature flexible subsequently controlling the temperature amid cooking. It likewise has a glass cover that makes it less demanding to review your food.


Super cut, fimmtudagur 05 aprķl kl: 12:23

The National Presto Electric foldaway skillet is additionally a model by the Presto creator. It is viewed as a standout amongst other models and highlights remarkable particulars. Its container is made of aluminum for quality subsequently making it solid.


drink, laugardagur 07 aprķl kl: 11:10

Is your smoothie to runny? The handy solution for this is diminishing the measure of liquid. Additional thickening smoothie fixings will likewise ease this issue.


Roberts, laugardagur 07 aprķl kl: 11:19

A dash of an amazing salt will build the minerals and enhance the essence of your smoothie. I favor Celtic ocean salt and pink Himalayan salt. There are plenty of good salts to look over, simply make a point to maintain a strategic distance from nutritiously bankrupt white table salt.


Round, laugardagur 07 aprķl kl: 11:37

Some of these may get somewhat frosty, yet if there's a choice between including solidified juice shapes and general water-based ice 3D shapes to a formula, it merits solidifying the juice so as not to weaken the flavor.


Lughf, laugardagur 07 aprķl kl: 11:44

Nothing takes a sweet smoothie from smoothness zero to legend as effectively as a tablespoon or two of nut, almond, or other nut or seed spread of your choice.


Super Smoothie, laugardagur 07 aprķl kl: 11:57

For more data on sweeteners, look at my post on the best and most exceedingly terrible sweeteners.The most effective method to Improve Your Smoothie Texture


best cordless battery powered lawn mower, laugardagur 07 aprķl kl: 12:40

Air filters for garden mowers are the smooth foam kind or paper kind. If you allow your mowers air filter out to end up clogged, it's going to lose electricity and not burn the fuel. See you proprietors guide for the proper clear-out.


Enjoy forever, sunnudagur 08 aprķl kl: 11:24

One of the enormous points of interest of a hand blender is its size. If you have a small kitchen, this sort of blender is the special case that doesn't take a decent measure of room.


Most, sunnudagur 08 aprķl kl: 11:33

Takes less storage room, incredible for smaller kitchens. The mixing glass tends to be perfect for one serving


Mad star, sunnudagur 08 aprķl kl: 11:40

Not as restricted a.s hand blenders as far as the products of the soil that they can without much of a stretch mix so you can make a more extensive scope of smoothies with them


Thomas, sunnudagur 08 aprķl kl: 11:57

Being ready to make more than maybe a couple smoothie servings at once.


Temperature, mįnudagur 09 aprķl kl: 11:26

Smoothies aren't an American creation. They backpedal hundreds of years to societies around the globe, and after that to South America as an "organic product slush


Earky, mįnudagur 09 aprķl kl: 11:37

Give me an orange, Julius," and accordingly his store, the "Orange Julius" was conceived.


cold play, žrišjudagur 10 aprķl kl: 11:16

Most will recommend you include water, however including any liquid is alright. Simply avoid utilizing locally acquired natural product juices that are brimming with sweeteners and additives.


robin up, žrišjudagur 10 aprķl kl: 11:21

in any event, think about substituting natural for foods grown from the ground that are known to have the most pesticides


modern full, žrišjudagur 10 aprķl kl: 11:52

with all of the fancy odds and ends – programmed clocks, worked in estimating capacities and pre-programming abilities.


not happy, žrišjudagur 10 aprķl kl: 11:53

Here are some of some simple indications and tips that may enable you to get the most out of your blender


too much, žrišjudagur 10 aprķl kl: 11:54

Make beyond any doubt you have the cover safely attached before turning on the blender to keep away from the "food on the kitchen roof" situation.


fuufrkan, žrišjudagur 10 aprķl kl: 11:59

Foods, for example, solidified bananas, dates, products of the soil ring a bell.


boolld, žrišjudagur 10 aprķl kl: 12:09

A blender is a basic machine—an edge, a container, two or three catches that get everything going. If used legitimately, it can throw together smoothies


rokal qua, mįnudagur 16 aprķl kl: 10:50

others have a handle that you hand over one course to turn it on. You'll at that point need to apply some strain to push the board through the apparatus and under the knives.


plankard, mįnudagur 16 aprķl kl: 11:32

The wood turns out so smoothly that you should not utilize sandpaper like you will when making different sorts of cuts. Planers likewise permit the majority of the wood grain and example to come through.


some places, mįnudagur 16 aprķl kl: 12:04

One inquiry you may have is: what is a planer? This is a sort of carpentry device that highlights one of all the more sharp cutting edges, which producers call edges. What Does a Planer Do?


Rogers Roy, žrišjudagur 17 aprķl kl: 11:37

You really shared a great post. Having an engine stand is imperative for anybody hoping to do any motor work, or who are anticipating having a motor out of an auto for any time allotment.


so easily, žrišjudagur 17 aprķl kl: 12:30

No more waiting one to two hours for a newly-opened bottle of wine to "breathe" in a fancy decanter. Instead, pour the contents of the bottle into your blender and give it a quick whirl for 30 seconds. Voila! It's perfectly aerated and ready to consume in under a minute.


no tughf, žrišjudagur 17 aprķl kl: 12:31

This tip is also great if you realize you don't love the wine you're sipping. After a spin in your blender, it's likely to taste much better too.


full feed up, mišvikudagur 18 aprķl kl: 12:30

Be that as it may, all planers do an indistinguishable activity from they work a similar way. Forte planers differ from general planer as they have more capacities.


lucas off, mišvikudagur 18 aprķl kl: 12:48

Remain in favor of the jointer opposite the fence and place the edge to be jointed face down on the infeed, against the fence.


Sweet Riding, mįnudagur 23 aprķl kl: 20:01

Bring down seat (so you can achieve your feet to the ground when you're halted in rush hour gridlock), in addition to an upright position and the alternative to include a container or a pannier sack.

For a bike you can ride for additionally separates or more prominent paces, you'll need a street bike that inclines you forward in a more streamlined position. Searching for a tad of both? Get some information about crossover styles.


all to all, žrišjudagur 24 aprķl kl: 11:18

This is a different one. Barely a year prior, I distributed the Instructable. And it had a couple of individuals, for example.


mot tools, žrišjudagur 24 aprķl kl: 11:20

How to Mount a Bolt or Threaded Rod in a Vise Without Destroying the Threads


unnessary, mišvikudagur 25 aprķl kl: 12:03

The Yost FSV arrangement is likewise made of produced steel. Their 4" vise is sensibly reasonable.


high profile, mišvikudagur 25 aprķl kl: 12:12

Even better, fortify both the best and the underside of the work table with steel. This connection should take you to a few decisions in 1/8" steel plate


suddenly, fimmtudagur 26 aprķl kl: 11:53

If its activity is to hold work down to the bench top, then let gravity do that for you. It's impossible that your work will begin drifting endlessly.


beautifull, fimmtudagur 26 aprķl kl: 11:56

Why has a moment stopped behind your work when you simply need to stop the wood pushing ahead? A solitary stop is much more powerful all around.


elizabethclark74, fimmtudagur 26 aprķl kl: 12:24

Theravada believes on the teaching of the Buddha as very plain and as per the teachings one has to refrain from all kinds of evil, and that can be achieved with the help of the three trainings like the development of ethical conduct, meditation and insight-wisdom.


damn ghost, sunnudagur 29 aprķl kl: 12:23

That would come about if the metal jaws were fixed straightforwardly onto wooden workpieces.


Full name, sunnudagur 29 aprķl kl: 13:04

The flip side of the piece is then butted to another pooch embedded through the canine gap nearest to it and snappier


list of your, sunnudagur 29 aprķl kl: 13:05

Then you can state, "Fix her up," the tail vise changes virtually the whole benchtop into a goliath vise.


TIPS, mįnudagur 30 aprķl kl: 05:51

I'll demonstrate both of you mounting alternatives. The first is a basic approach, flawlessly fitting for an end vise apply.


Apply soon, mįnudagur 30 aprķl kl: 12:10

If you have vent covers introduced on the overhead vents, that keep rain from getting inside, abandon them aired out to take into account some ventilation.


time over, mįnudagur 30 aprķl kl: 12:13

Remove any dry cell batteries from gadgets like smoke cautions, tickers and so on.


Great solution, fimmtudagur 03 maķ kl: 11:51

In a perfect world, you should re-begin your motor at regular intervals. Cover any vents that may enable bugs to creep into your vehicle


CARRY FULL, laugardagur 05 maķ kl: 10:29

As utilizing a standard canvas will cause more damage than insurance.


Brian J. Catt, sunnudagur 06 maķ kl: 09:21

Can I update a -deal with the model with an unmarried-deal with the faucet?In maximum instances, yes. In each, the bath, mounting hardware, and different bendy hookups will let you replace two-manage models with a single-manager faucet.


Rfaine, sunnudagur 06 maķ kl: 10:26

Spare Foot influences are discovering RV storage to space easy. To better channel, the outcomes, look to one side hand menu and choose the span of your motorhome.


Prekul, mįnudagur 07 maķ kl: 11:47

we likewise incorporate ties which are made to be wrapped the distance around the unit, going over and under it. The


Profakt, žrišjudagur 08 maķ kl: 10:51

It likewise keeps your service history in line and state-of-the-art, which will pull in more purchasers and higher prices with regards to selling your car.


Simple guide, žrišjudagur 08 maķ kl: 11:41

Consider a move down detection device. Consider having a godown detection device installed that provides rearview video or warning sounds while moving backward.


Nikki Jhon, žrišjudagur 08 maķ kl: 20:57

If you are extra interested in exploring off road, your choice is pretty trustworthy: Look for a mountain motorbike with huge, knobby tires, a flat handlebar, strong brakes, and surprise-soaking up suspension that is made for rough, unpredictable trails.


Revort lup, mišvikudagur 09 maķ kl: 10:51

The ideal approach to maintain the interior is to complete a quick clean at whatever point you escape your car.


Rujaklam, fimmtudagur 10 maķ kl: 11:20

Wheels that are out-of-line (as evidenced by uneven tread wear or vehicle pulling) influence the engine to work harder, as well


Pitaklon, laugardagur 12 maķ kl: 11:08

The dread of mismanaging something on the car and worsening a malfunction is incredible what drives their hesitance in handling a car issue.


Daytuoklam, sunnudagur 13 maķ kl: 11:09

spite of the fact that more expensive than mineral-based engine oils, synthetic engine oil, can improve fuel efficiency and provide longer intervals between changes.


Priyti, sunnudagur 13 maķ kl: 12:10

Fuel - Put a container of fuel de-icer in your tank once a month to help shield moisture from freezing in the fuel line. Note that a full gas tank helps shield moisture from forming.


Fire, sunnudagur 13 maķ kl: 12:43

Have the framework examined by a qualified technician? Fresher models have cabin air filters that clean the air entering the heating and air conditioning framework


Robert A. Lanier, mįnudagur 14 maķ kl: 08:54

Is the LED candle built to take a bit little bit of punishment? This may be particularly important if you’re looking for a flameless Halloween candle to place at the porch where trick-or-treaters might also knock it over dozens of times that night time.


Frezzak, žrišjudagur 15 maķ kl: 11:50

Where stream and volume control is imperative, a superior decision is a thermostatic shower valve.


Toinless, žrišjudagur 15 maķ kl: 12:30

Remember to check your extra also and make certain the jack is in great condition. Examine tires for tread life, uneven wearing, and cupping; check the sidewalls for cuts and nicks. An alignment is justified if there's uneven tread wear or if your vehicle pulls to the other side.


Use roof, mišvikudagur 16 maķ kl: 11:30

This can be the consequence of the tub not draining itself after utilize, or from utilizing cleansers or shower oils.


face to face, laugardagur 19 maķ kl: 08:39

Your divider diverter is typically the third handle in a three-handle valve. Swapping out your defective diverter valve is the most straightforward approach to address this issue.


Tripicaly Force, sunnudagur 20 maķ kl: 08:18

I've required doing this now and again when the faucet model and trim that a client needed didn't come as a committed shower-just faucet.


Click To Explore, mįnudagur 21 maķ kl: 05:07

This is very great and brilliant information. Thank you for the valuable information.


MORE GUIDE, mįnudagur 21 maķ kl: 09:16

There's nothing more regrettable than preparing for a pleasant hot splash to find you're amidst a cold water shower. If things never warm up, it's most likely because your water radiator has been working extra time and needs time to recover.


No need, žrišjudagur 22 maķ kl: 07:25

Dorf has tapware that is in a perfect world suited to mains weight and unequal weight.


Everything loss, žrišjudagur 22 maķ kl: 08:30

There might be people online who have posted full directions for expelling aerators from your specific shower head.


best outdoor car covers, mišvikudagur 23 maķ kl: 08:30

There are three basic writes; water confirmation, water resistant or "breathable" and non-water resistant. Every ha it's own particular focal points and issues.


tire pressure gauge accuracy, laugardagur 26 maķ kl: 10:50

Unscrew the plastic top broadcasting live valve and make sure not to lose it


understanding shower valves, sunnudagur 27 maķ kl: 08:17

The set screw likewise might be situated in favor of the handle. For this situation, there will be no cover. Essentially unscrew the screw with the Allen torque.


How to work shower valve, žrišjudagur 29 maķ kl: 09:16

Introducing a shower diverter valve enables you to switch between a utilizing your shower like a handheld, and having the standard shower head.


Digital Tire Inflator, mišvikudagur 30 maķ kl: 08:16

The 28It will likewise spare you cash over the long haul since you won't influence those treks to your nearby gas to station keeping in mind the end goal to check the pressure.


TEKTON 24340, fimmtudagur 31 maķ kl: 09:20

Changing over torque units can be dubious however is an extremely exact process. To enable clients to compute units all the more effortlessly, they can swing to Norbar's number cruncher application accessible on IOS and Android.


Auto Glass Replacement, föstudagur 01 jśnķ kl: 17:43

Music started playing as soon as I opened up this web page, so annoying!


adco all climate rv cover, laugardagur 02 jśnķ kl: 09:01

You require excluding rooftop mounted aeration and cooling systems or different embellishments which include 12" or so of stature, as the cover will be worked with added tallness to oblige for these things.


Benchtop Planer, sunnudagur 03 jśnķ kl: 09:04

Never switch on the machine with the material inside the feeder. The material expulsion check can be set from 1/32 to 1/8-inch, so you may need to feed the wood through the planer more than once to accomplish the coveted thickness.


Trunk Cargo, mišvikudagur 06 jśnķ kl: 08:13

Annette is a work-at-home mother and spends a few hours per week in her minivan. Notwithstanding chauffeuring her young men to the ball, karate, and choir hone, Annette plays soccer on a ladies' soccer group in Cary, takes yoga classes, has a place with a book club, and volunteers work for the Raleigh Boys Choir and her congregation.


Yost Vises 445, fimmtudagur 07 jśnķ kl: 09:08

Most additionally have two steel bars to keep the jaws adjusted and help to prevent flexing internal of either side of the external jaw when just a single side of the vise is utilized. A few, including Rockler bench vises, have a fast discharge system that makes it simple to switch among an assortment of bracing widths.


Tire Inflator, laugardagur 09 jśnķ kl: 08:39

Inflate tires and toys all over the place, with the correct 12-volt air compressor, by following our recommendation on this page. So you're searching for information on a 12-volt air compressor? Presumably, you need to utilise it in your auto to blow up your tires. I got one around two years ago precisely for that activity. Regardless I utilise it once in a while to blow up my tires.


BOSS Audio BVB9364RC, mįnudagur 11 jśnķ kl: 10:42

The initial step is to expel the headrest. Contingent upon your auto, you`ll need to press the discharge catch at the base of the headrest, and the highest point of the auto situate. This will enable you to discharge the headrest and to expel it from the seat.


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Working in the kitchen might often involve lifting big pans full of hot water or food. Be very careful while lifting these since a small slip of the hand can cause a big accident! Use both your hands and grip tightly. Most importantly, know your limits. If something is too heavy for you, don’t try lifting it without someone’s help.


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