Happy Days 2019

Ađalbjörg S.Sigurvaldadóttir | 25. júní 2019

Programm of the Happiness Days 2019

Thursday 27th June 2019

13.00-17.00        Course of Happiness, Natur-Childrens-School (Náttúrubarnaskóli),

Sauðfjársetrið Sævangi

17.00                     “Polla- og Pæjumót” – the soccer tournament of the HSS

Place: Grundunum

21.00                     Live in Concert “Heiða Ólafsdóttir and her guests”

Place: Bragginn

Friday 28th June 2019

16.00-20.00        “Veltibíllinn” (Experience the Security of seat belts in the car tumbling around)

Place: parking area at the community center

17.00                     The Presentation of the Happiness Days and awarding the Culture Prize

Place: Hnyðja

19.30-21.00        Singing

Place: Monument close to the sea at Austurtún

21.00                     Búkalú – a spectacular show for 18+ only with Erla Maack

Place: Bragginn

Saturday 29th June 2019

8.00-15.45           Run of Happiness

                               Place: Starting in Árnes and ending at Skeiði in Hólmavík

9.00                       Happiness Tournament GHÓ, Golfclub of Hólmavík

                               Place: Skeljavíkurvelli

10.30-12.00        Foam Party

                               Place: Community Center (Jakobínutún)

12.10-13.00        “Race of Happiness”

                               Place: Community Center (Preparation and Workshop Area)

See more details on our homepage: strandabyggd.is/hamingudagar/

13.00-15.00        Holmadrangur, Drangur and Strandaskel inviting you for a delicious Seafood-Soup

                               Place: Hólmadrangur

Place: Galdratún ( green area in front of Witchcraft Museum)

13.00                     Walk around the neighbourhood ( guided walk with singing)

13.00-16.00        Playground for Young and Old

13.00-17.00        Market of Happiness ( various for sale like clothing, handcraft and food)

13.00-17.00        “Blaðrarinn” Get your fantastic and funny figure out of balloons

13.00-14.00        Oracle (Theaterclub of Hólmavík with the spinning Oracle)

13.00-15.30        Baking Masters live in show, Strandir in action

14.00-15.00        Games for everyone. No one is too old to participate!

14.45-15.15        Live in Concert “Strandabandið”

15.30-15.40        Announcement “Hnallþórun”-Award

Competing int 2 groups. “Cake of Happiness 2019” in the category adult, children and teenager

15.40-15.45        Welcome our runners with big applause and high five!

15.45-17.00        “Hnallþórun”-Buffett

People of Hólmavík inviting guests, which no one can resist! Please take care of our environment and bring your own plate and glass with you

16.30-16.50        Awarding the winner of the “Race of Happiness”

17.00-18.00        Playgroup Lotta shows “The little Mermaid in Kirkujuhvammur”

Our annual event at the Days of Happiness in Hólmavík, which enhances our companionship, joy and happiness of people of all ages! Seriously, come an join!

19.00-21.00        Pool Party

                               Place: Sports Center / Pool

23.00-03.00        “Party of Happiness” with the Band “Allt í Einu” until early moring

                               Entry: 3.000 ISK

                               Place: Community Center – 18+ only


Sunday 30th June 2019

11.00     Light Christian Fair

                Place: Tröllatunga

13.00     Strange Games – our annual odd event

                Place: Sævangur